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Many years of artistic work fill Smadar with the passion

to create jewelry under uncompromising standards.

Recognizing the importance of the product quality, leading

her to use the finest materials and stringent system of work.

The main materials which Smadar uses are Crystal stones,

European crystals, pearls, natural stones, and gems. Charted

carefully in 14K gold-filled wires, pure silver 999 and Sterling Silver 925.

Smadar presents a clean, elegant and surprising style.

High design combined with contemporary chic elements,

special placements, refreshing materials, local style meets

an international motif. High-class jewelry is offered in

affordable prices so they can be paired with any

dressing style.


Smadar produces in her own studio, which was founded in

2006, original, handmade jewelry. That jewelry are being

sold in Israel, U.S.A, Europe and Australia.

Smadar Sarid displays her jewelry at several exhibitions and

events in New York city and different locations around the


"Smadar Sarid" jewelry, designed by Smadar Sarid, is unique to her and created through the application of special techniques that she herself developed.

Art and design are part of Smadar's life; she holds an undergraduate degree in art from Tel Aviv University and she recently expressed her love for art and design skills by establishing "Smadar Sarid", New ideas and developments constantly lead to new and special designs.

Smadar Sarid is married and a mother of three.        

Before establishing the studio, Smadar worked as a high-school educational counselor for many years and completed her studies as a family and couples' therapist.

She began her career as a jewelry designer after creating jewelry for her and her friends, as a hobby – a hobby that later developed into its current form, where she creates jewelry for stores.

She started out as a counselor by day and jewelry designer by night. This was the turning point in her career.

Creating a collection is a creative process similar to pregnancy and childbirth. A great deal of though goes into the creation of new models, the use of new materials and the introduction of new compositions – all until the creation of the finished piece. Similarly to pregnancy, creating jewelry is also accompanied by doubts, questions, fears and apprehension regarding its future, until it is born.

Creating a collection is a never-ending process and every new model is derived of the designer's world and often the sight of a flower can inspire an entire collection.

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